Mumbai: India’s Longest Sea Bridge, MTHL, Draws Enthusiastic Response on Inauguration Day

Mumbai, 14th January 2024: On the first day post-inauguration, the newly unveiled Mumbai Trans Harbour Link (Atal Behari Vajpayee Nhava Seva bridge), India’s longest sea bridge, witnessed an overwhelming response as more than 45,000 people experienced the scenic drive connecting Navi Mumbai and Mumbai. Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the 21.8-km bridge significantly reduced travel time between the two cities to less than 20 minutes, prompting a surge of visitors eager to explore the engineering marvel.


The bridge, celebrated for its smooth and signal-free ride over the eastern waterfront, instilled a sense of pride among visitors, especially those from locations like Kalyan and Juinagar. Despite the accolades, concerns were raised about the high one-way toll of Rs 250, prompting suggestions for carpool options to alleviate potential financial challenges for daily commuters.


Approximately 8,500 vehicles had crossed the bridge by 7 pm on January 13, with the number reaching around 12,000 by late night, totalling an estimated 45,000 visitors on an inaugural day. Visitors shared their experiences from various vantage points, capturing selfies against the scenic backdrop and praising the well-built structure.


Residents near Panvel and marathoners from Ghatkopar-Chembur commended the bridge, with families taking advantage of emergency lanes for photo opportunities. The bridge received widespread acclaim from infrastructure enthusiasts and commuters alike, being hailed as a significant boon for those in the Panvel-Raigad belt, providing time savings and improved access to airports and train stations in Mumbai.


While initial concerns were voiced about toll costs, residents expressed excitement about exploring South Mumbai with enhanced connectivity. The bridge also sparked business ideas, with suggestions for private taxi operators to provide shuttle services between Ulwe and CSMT, offering potential benefits and decongestion on Mumbai’s arterial roads.


Public reactions on social media reflected the overall excitement, with videos, selfies, and comments highlighting the bridge’s modernity and positive impact on the city’s infrastructure.