Mumbai: Man Murders Cousin Who Was Peon At Union Bank

Mumbai, 22nd March 2023: The murder of a 38-year-old peon working at the Union Bank of India’s Alibaug branch has been discovered after the murder suspect, who is the victim’s cousin brother and is from Solapur, turned himself into the Solapur police and admitted to killing the peon with his assistant.

The victim was identified as Nathuram Pawar after his wife reported him missing to the Alibaug police station on 13th March.

Pawar was found brutally killed the following day at 1:30 pm in the bushes close to the crematorium in Pale village, Alibaug taluka.

His head, back, shoulders, neck, legs, and hands all sustained various wounds as a result of the attack with a sharp object. The Alibaug police then opened a murder investigation and narrowed their search to two untraceable people.

The main suspect, Nilesh Pawar, turned himself in to the Solapur police on Monday and admitted to killing his cousin Nathuram Pawar because he was refusing to refund his money after breaking his promise to provide him with permanent employment.

Under the guise of a drinking session, the accused, Nilesh Pawar and his assistant led Nathuram to some bushes close to the crematorium. The accused pair savagely attacked Nathuram with sickles after drinking alcohol, then fled to Solapur.

Following Nilesh Pawar’s surrender, the Alibaug police were notified by the Solapur police, who then travelled to Solapur to seek a transit remand to arrest Pawar. His assistant has not been found.