Mumbai: Municipal Corporation To Prepare Project To Prevent Pollution From Sewage

Mumbai, 3rd January 2023: The Mumbai Municipal Corporation has decided to prepare a detailed project report to prevent sewage from flowing through major drains, tributaries, and rainwater channels. A consultant will be appointed to prepare a project report for the closure and diversion of these streams that cause sea pollution.

There are a total of 29 major drains in Mumbai city and suburbs. These streams and tributaries merge into creeks and the sea. The water in the rainwater channels also reaches the sea. Even after the end of the rainy season, the wastewater reaches the sea through these drains and rainwater channels. This untreated sewage pollutes the sea. The Maharashtra Pollution Control Board has already asked the Municipal Corporation to take measures against non-rainfall flows, untreated sewage, and partially treated excreta flowing into the sea in rivers, lakes or creeks in Mumbai. Earlier, the Municipal Corporation was also fined for this. In this background, the Municipal Corporation has now decided to prepare a project report for the works of blocking and shifting these streams which cause sea pollution. A consultant will be appointed for that. The Municipal Corporation had invited tenders for these works. After the tender process, the consultant has been selected; they will be paid Rs two crore.