Mumbai: Narcotics Control Bureau Raids Bakery Which Made Cake Laced With Marijuana

Mumbai, 14th June 2021: The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) on Saturday night raided a bakery in Mumbai that was making marijuana cake and pot. They have seized 830 grams of edible weed pot brownie and 60 grams of marijuana.

The NCB officials seized a total of 10 brownies and marijuana at Orlem in Malad East. Three persons, including one woman, were arrested during the raid. After the raid, officials interrogated them and intercepted the main supplier in the case, identified as Jagat Chaurasia (Bandra). He also had marijuana with him. He was arrested on Sunday.

This has been a new trend among youngsters; they consume substances through brownie weed pot cakes, which are often mixed with narcotics and baked accordingly. This was the first case in India in which edible weed was used for baking cakes, claimed an official

It must be noted that cannabis edibles affect people for a longer period than regularly smoked cannabis. THC, the main psychoactive compound in cannabis, gets infused in all these food edibles.

“One may not be able to distinguish between regular baked goods and those containing cannabinoids, which tend to have a slightly green tinge and often emit a faint cannabis smell,” said an NCB official.

The NCB official also added that any food that contains milk, oil, butter, or any fatty substance can be used to infuse marijuana.