Mumbai News: Influencer Arrested for Duping Women By Pretending To Be From Royal Family Of Rajasthan

Mumbai, 27th November 2022: Maharashtra Police arrested a social media influencer for duping women by pretending to be related to a royal family of Rajasthan. Police said the accused used to extort money by threatening to kill the complainant and her eight-year-old daughter.


A senior police officer of Goregaon Police, Dattari Thop, said a case has been registered against Rajveer Singh for allegedly extorting Rs 1,33,000 since April 2021. Police arrested the accused from a private hotel in Goregaon. The social media handles of the accused revealed how he pretended to belong to a royal family of Rajasthan and approached girls to extort money. A case has already been registered against him at Juhu Police Station, after which he remained behind bars for a year. Soon after release, he again contacted the complainant and blackmailed her. The police are probing every aspect of the matter.


Significantly, Mumbai Police had received more than 7500 cyber fraud cases from January to June, but only 401 of them could be settled. According to official data, most of the victims of cyber fraud were elderly, who were technically weak. Cyber fraud cases have increased in the city since the country was hit by the Covid pandemic. Most people are working from home, and most of their time is spent on the internet. The fact that most people are online makes them an easy target for miscreants.