Mumbai: ADG Railways Announces Surprise Raids And Checking Against Railway Officers To Reduce Corruption And Fraud

Mumbai, 28th November 2022: Complaints are increasing that railway police are looting passengers in central and western railway stations. As a result, the Additional Director General of Railways will now target the railway police and all kinds of raids will be conducted by sudden inspection. Therefore, the railway police who extort money from passengers, smuggle drugs, carry illegal goods, and show fear of the law will be punished.


There are growing complaints that many policemen on the Central and Western Railways are not in uniform and are checking baggage in violation of rules. Recently, two railway policemen at the Kalyan railway police station smuggled drugs. Earlier, there was a case of foreign exchange of a passenger. Passengers carrying tobacco products, and bottles of liquor, and gold traders carrying precious jewellery have been robbed in fear of the law. Action has also been taken against many police personnel in this matter. However, the specific procedures for checking passengers’ luggage are still being violated. To prevent such cases, the police will make sudden raids on the railway station and arrest the police who are working illegally. Also, action will be taken against railway police found guilty of it. Every railway police employee must follow the rules. Lohmarg Additional Director General of Police Pragya Sarvade said that where there are complaints of illegal activities, there will be a surprise inspection.


What are the rules?

Procedures have been laid down for checking the materials, similar to suspected railway passengers in and around Central and Western Railway stations.


Railway police officers and employees should wear the uniform.


The identity card with ‘Bag Checking Duty’ written in bold should be around the neck.


The baggage of passengers should be checked under CCTV surveillance and before the police officer on duty.


If any illegal items are found with the passengers, all information regarding the same should be reported to the police officers and recorded in a separate certified register.