Mumbai-Pune Expressway Shut Down For Two Hours Today For Crack Repair and Safety Measures

Mumbai, 27th July 2023: On July 23, a crack was reported behind the Adoshi tunnel on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway at around 11:30 pm.
Following this, on July 24, the MSRDC took prompt action and initiated a three-hour block to address the issue and remove the crack.

However, despite the efforts to resolve the situation, incidents of stone falling have persisted, leading to a crucial decision. On
Thursday (27th), between 12 pm and 2 pm, the entire route from Pune to Mumbai will be completely closed for two hours for repair works.

During this period, the old Pune-Mumbai highway at Shingroba Ghat will remain open only for cars. Assistant Police Inspector Yogesh Bhosale
of Borghat Highway Police Station has announced that heavy vehicles will be prohibited from entering the ghat during the two-hour closure,
which is scheduled from 12 pm to 2 pm.