Mumbai: Registration Of New Housing Projects From June After Checking Commencement Certificate On MahaRERA’s E-Mail

Mumbai, 18th May 2023: From 19th June, MahaRERA will verify the Commencement Certificates (CC) submitted by the concerned with the designated email certificate from the relevant authorities before the registration of the new housing project.

New projects cannot be registered with MahaRERA unless such an e-mail of approval of the Construction Commencement Certificate from the concerned local bodies is sent to the designated e-mail address of MahaRERA. MahaRERA has recently issued a circular in this regard and announced the said decision.

Before issuing this circular, MahaRERA requested the representatives of the developers’ self-regulatory bodies to hold a meeting at their headquarters and give due guidance to their members accordingly.

For the registration of a new housing project, there is a provision in the Immovable Property Act to register the project based on self-certified documents submitted by the concerned developer. But last year, it came to light that some developers in Kalyan-Dombivli had cheated customers by submitting fake self-attested documents. MahaRERA cancelled the registration of these projects.

It is ordered that all the local bodies should post these permits on their websites like Mumbai Municipal Corporation to avoid such incidents in the future. It is also stated that Maharera should verify the authenticity of the documents before registering the project. The said process should be completed before 31st March.

A decision in this regard has been taken by the government promulgated vide order dated 23rd February 2023 stating that unless the website of the local self-government bodies is integrated with the website of MahaRERA, these permissions should be sent to the e-mail designated by MahaRERA.

According to the High Court, Maharera dt. This decision has been taken by the government following the letter dated 10th November 2022 in consonance with MahaRERA and similar matters. Along with the Commencement Certificate (CC), the local self-government bodies are also expected to take the same action regarding the Occupancy Certificate (OC).


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