Mumbai: Three Arrested For Kidnapping Children To Beg

Mumbai, 15th December 2022: Kanjurmarg police have succeeded in arresting three gang members who kidnapped two children for begging. The police team raided 10 to 12 places to catch the accused. The police have safely rescued the children from the clutches of the kidnappers. Police are searching for another woman in this case.


Varsha Kamble, who lives in the Pune area, came to Mumbai by train 15 days ago with her two children. During the journey, she met four people. After that, for several days, the accused and the woman, along with the children, were living on the footpath near the Kanjurmarg railway station. The woman’s five-year-old son fell ill on 4th December. The woman had gone to the drugstore to get medicine for him. This time, the accused kidnapped the woman’s five-year-old son and one-year-old daughter.


After searching for a long time, the woman could not find both children. So she filed a complaint at Kanjurmarg police station. As it was a matter of child abduction, the police immediately formed five teams and started the investigation. During the investigation, the police got information that the accused had gone to the Nagar district. A police team rushed to Nagar district. But the accused got the clue and fled from there. After that, the police conducted raids in places like Pune, Kolhapur, Solapur, Aurangabad and Nashik. But the accused could not be found.


Finally, after getting information that the accused was in Gangapur of Aurangabad district, the police raided there and arrested the three abductors, Harshad Kale (35), Chandu Kale (54) and Tarabai Kale (40). Also, the police rescued both the abducted children. The accused in this case, Poornima Kale, is absconding, and police are searching for her. The accused have confessed to abducting these children for begging on the streets and the police are investigating the matter further.