Mumbai: Traffic Policeman Injured in Hit-and-Run Incident in Santacruz East

Mumbai, 22nd May 2023: A distressing incident unfolded on Sunday night in Santacruz East when a traffic policeman was struck by a two-wheeler while attempting to stop the vehicle carrying three individuals. The collision resulted in injuries to the traffic constable, and a case has been filed against the two-wheeler driver by the Vakola police.

The complainant, Police Constable Vijay Chavan (48), serves in the Vakola Traffic Branch. On Sunday night, he was deployed to regulate traffic at Gate No. 8 in Santacruz East. During his duty, Chavan observed three individuals traveling on a two-wheeler in the vicinity. From a distance, Chavan signaled for them to halt. However, instead of complying, the rider accelerated the bike, ignoring the warning. Despite repeated attempts by Chavan to stop the two-wheeler, the rider struck him directly, causing the constable to fall to the ground.

Immediate assistance was provided, and Chavan was swiftly transported to VN Desai Hospital for medical treatment. The injuries sustained in the incident were addressed at the hospital. Subsequently, on Monday, Chavan filed a complaint against the two-wheeler driver, prompting the Wakola police to initiate an investigation into the matter.

The Vakola police are investigating the case to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the hit-and-run incident and bring the responsible parties to justice.