Mumbai’s BMC Headquarters and Emergency Management Department Impress G-20 Delegation

Mumbai, 23rd May 2023: The G-20 Council’s Working Group on Disaster Risk Mitigation is convening in Mumbai from 23 to 25 May 2023. As part of the meeting, the delegation visited the historical headquarters of the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) today (23 May 2023).

They also embarked on a study tour of the Disaster Management Department and took a heritage walk exploring the architectural marvel of the BMC headquarters. The delegation members were captivated by the grandeur of the building and praised the preparedness of the Municipal Corporation in dealing with various natural and man-made disasters.

Municipal Commissioner and Administrator of BMC, Iqbal Singh Chahal, along with other esteemed officials, including Additional Municipal Commissioners, Joint Commissioners, and dignitaries, warmly welcomed the delegation at the headquarters.

India holds the chairmanship of the G-20 this year, and as part of this role, working group meetings are taking place across various cities in the country on different topics. The second meeting of the ‘Disaster Risk Mitigation’ working group commenced in Mumbai today, with the participation of over 120 representatives.

During their visit, the G-20 members had the opportunity to explore the Emergency Management Department at the BMC headquarters. Municipal Corporation Commissioner, Iqbal Singh Chahal, personally acquainted the delegation with the operations of the Emergency Management Department and Control Room.

The presentation highlighted the Municipal Corporation’s preventive and mitigation measures, preparedness for emergencies, the department’s performance during past natural and man-made disasters in Mumbai, the equipment used, and efforts to enhance public participation. The Director and Chief Officer of the Emergency Management Department, Mahesh Narvekar and Rashmi Lokhande, respectively, coordinated the proceedings.

Following the department visit, the delegation engaged in a ‘Heritage Walk’ within the historical Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation headquarters building. They received insightful information about the building’s historical significance, construction, architecture, and overall history. The Municipal Corporation’s commitment to preserving the original charm of this magnificent structure was duly appreciated. During the two to three-hour visit, a welcome ceremony was organized by the BMC, further expressing their hospitality.

To savor the flavors of Mumbai, a small welcome ceremony was held in the central courtyard of the BMC headquarters for the G-20 delegation. The guests indulged in popular Mumbai delicacies such as panipuri, bhel, Mumbai chaat, samosa, vadapav, pavbhaji, and Mumbai masala tea. Their appreciation extended beyond the food itself, as they also learned about Indian cuisine and the vibrant food culture of Mumbai.

Adding to the cultural experience, flutists played melodious tunes in the courtyard. Pandit Bhupendra Belbansi mesmerized the guests with his rendition of the Yaman raga on the flute. Encouraged by their enthusiasm, the guests requested Pandit Belbansi to play the raga ‘Hansdhwani,’ which he graciously fulfilled. This spontaneous request delighted Panditji, as he felt it was a pleasant surprise to witness the guests’ interest in Indian classical music.

The visit left a lasting impression on the G-20 delegation, who commended the historical significance of the BMC headquarters and praised the Municipal Corporation’s efforts in disaster management. Mumbai showcased its rich cultural heritage and warm hospitality, reflecting the city’s spirit and resilience.