Mumbai’s Local Trains: A Canine Commuter Captivates Commuters

Mumbai's Local Trains: A Canine Commuter Captivates Commuters

Mumbai, 21st May 2023: Mumbai, known as the “Dream City,” is home to millions of people, with its local train system serving as the lifeline of this bustling metropolis. The Mumbai local is not only a crucial mode of transportation but also an integral part of the city’s identity.


Amidst the sea of commuters who rely on this lifeline, there is one passenger who stands out – a four-legged traveler that has become an internet sensation.


In a video that has gone viral on social media, a stray dog can be seen confidently boarding the local train on a daily basis. The ever-increasing number of passengers in Mumbai locals during peak hours makes it a challenging task to secure a spot. Yet, amid the chaos, this canine commuter manages to navigate the bustling platforms and find a place onboard.


Posted by the India Cultural Hub on Instagram, the video showcases the dog’s regular journey from Borivali to Andheri station. With a calm demeanor, the furry traveler settles down in the train, not causing any trouble to fellow passengers. The video indicates that the dog travels during the afternoon, when the trains are relatively less crowded. It is believed that the dog completes this journey in reverse, traveling from Andheri to Borivali at night.


The comments section of the video is filled with travelers who have encountered this extraordinary passenger. Many recognize the dog and have witnessed its daily commute. Some express their desire to meet this unique traveler, while others commend its remarkable ability to adapt to the bustling local train environment.


Mumbai locals are not just a means of transport; they are the backdrop for numerous memorable moments, joyous celebrations, and even unexpected encounters with wildlife. While occasional visits by animals or birds may surprise commuters, this particular dog has taken regularity to a new level, establishing itself as a part of the daily journey for many passengers.


As the video continues to circulate on social media, the canine commuter has become a symbol of resilience, adaptability, and the unique experiences that the Mumbai local train system offers. This extraordinary tale of a dog confidently navigating the busy train routes has captivated the hearts of Mumbaikars, showcasing the unbreakable bond between humans and animals in this vibrant city.