Navi Mumbai: Pet Groomer’s Cruel Acts Exposed: Shocking Abuse Caught on CCTV

Navi Mumbai, 11th April 2024: The disturbing acts were brought to light when the pet grooming centre owners reviewed CCTV footage following a separate complaint against the groomer, identified as Rishi. The footage exposed Rishi’s cruel behaviour towards the dogs under his care.

The video, which has been circulated by animal rights organizations like Fight Against Animal Cruelty (FAAC) and streetdogsofBombay, captures Rishi’s shocking abuse of small puppies, leading to widespread outrage among animal lovers in India.

Upon being confronted by the owners, Rishi confessed to his misconduct and was promptly dismissed from his position. The pet grooming centre has taken the matter seriously and has lodged a police complaint against Rishi with the support of PETA.

The circulation of the video on social media has sparked a public outcry, with many demanding severe repercussions for Rishi’s actions. Comments from concerned individuals include:

– One user stressed the need for vigilance, advising pet owners to never leave their pets alone with strangers.
– Another user expressed frustration over the inadequacy of existing laws and questioned the lack of compassion in some individuals.
– While advocating against violent retaliation, a commenter expressed deep anguish by suggesting a punishment for Rishi that mirrors the cruelty he inflicted on the innocent animals.