NCB Mumbai Seizes 3.20 Kg Of Black Cocaine In An Operation Of 3 Days; Bolivian Woman And Nigerian Man Detained




Manisha Swain

Mumbai, 29th September 2022: In an unprecedented enforcement activity, the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB)-Mumbai busted an international drug syndicate and seized Black Cocaine from a Bolivian woman at Mumbai Airport. A Nigerian national has also been apprehended from Goa in this connection.


It came to fore that a South American national would be arriving at Mumbai through flight with a consignment of drugs which would be further passed around Mumbai and nearby states. The input was closely monitored and carefully analysed after which a Bolivian lady was identified to be travelling from Brazil to Goa with layovers at Addis Ababa and Mumbai.


Accordingly, the NCB-Mumbai officials proceeded to the Mumbai Airport and a discreet surveillance perimeter was setup to physically identify the Bolivian lady.


Amit Ghawate, IRS, Zonal Director, NCB Mumbai said, “On September 26, the woman was questioned in routine manner about her purpose of visit and contents in her luggage to which she could not give satisfactory reply. After a thorough search of her luggage led to discovery of false cavities wherein 12 packets tightly packed were recovered. Upon checking the packets, black coloured substance was found. Upon questioning the lady she confessed that the material is Black Cocaine which weighed a total of 3.2 kgs. She confessed that she was ought to deliver the said consignment to an foreigner receiver in Goa.”


He added, “A follow up action scheme was planned to further identify the receiver person in Goa. The investigation led the team to a hotel in Goa and a Nigerian person was apprehended. The information revealed by the Bolivian lady corroborated with the details of the apprehended Nigerian. The Nigerian national also confessed about being part of the international drug syndicate.”


The said Nigerian national is a Drug Trafficker who was staying in Goa and supplying drugs to various peddlers in multiple states. Further investigation is in progress.


The Black Cocaine is a rare drug which is a mixture of regular Cocaine with other chemicals of administrated quantity to dodge the sniffer canines and also manipulate dosage as per target consumer. The seizure comes at the onset of the festive and party season in the region and since the type of drug is new, the drug would have been sold off easily into the market. The said trend is initiated by various drug syndicates to attract newer consumers.