Normal Services Restored At Mumbai Airport Following Interruption Of Server

Mumbai, 1st December 2022: Normal services have resumed at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport (CSMIA) after a server was down on Thursday. The operation was interrupted for about 40 minutes due to server failure. Check-in and other operations of airlines were affected due to a server being down at the airport. Many flights were affected, and the rush of passengers increased. According to the information, the crowd at the airport was slightly more than normal.


Earlier, the CISF officer said the crowd was being handled. He said there is no chaos due to the increase in the crowd and manual passes are being issued to control the crowd. The exact details of the system glitch are not yet clear. However, officials said that the problem is being rectified, and the system is likely to be operational soon.


Earlier, after a passenger tweeted about the matter, Air India said that they were working to eliminate the inconvenience. Air India tweeted, “We understand that the delay is certainly inconvenient. Our team is working diligently to minimize the inconvenience. They will be in touch with you for further updates.”


According to information, the server at Terminal 2 at Mumbai airport was down, due to which air services were disrupted for about 40 minutes. Due to the disruption of air services, the crowd of passengers increased at the airport. However, teams were working to rectify the problem, and now normal services have been restored at the airport.