Number Of Measles Patients Reduce In Mumbai Hospitals

Mumbai, 4th January 2023: Many children were affected due to the measles outbreak in Mumbai in November-December. Measles patients included unvaccinated children. In December, treatment of more than 100 children with measles started in Mumbai Municipal Corporation hospitals. However, the number of measles patients has started decreasing in the last few days. The number of patients undergoing treatment in the hospital is 80. If the situation continues like this, the number of measles patients is likely to come down to zero soon.

After the measles outbreak, there was a rapid increase in the number of measles patients in Mumbai. Within a month, the number of measles-infected patients in Mumbai crossed 100. However, the Maharashtra government and the Mumbai Municipal Corporation emphasized the vaccination campaign and vaccinated 28,416 children through 7,499 regular vaccination sessions, while 32,189 children were vaccinated through 4,099 additional vaccination sessions. Also, 1,05,135 children were vaccinated under the special vaccination campaign. Thus, the increasing number of patients was prevented.

In December, more than 100 children were admitted to hospitals for treatment. More than 100 patients were undergoing treatment in the hospital before the last 10 days. But now this number has increased to 77. The number of patients receiving treatment in the hospital is continuously decreasing. Therefore, if the number of patients continues to decrease in the same way, it is predicted that the number of measles-affected patients will reach zero soon.