Number Of WhatsApp Group Users Will Be Doubled, 512 People Can Be Added At Once

Pune, 9th May 2022: The number of group users on WhatsApp will rise. According to the research, a WhatsApp group can now have a maximum of 512 members.




A big list of planned WhatsApp features has been introduced by WhatsApp, according to an Android Police report. Users will be able to create groups of up to 512 persons. However, not everyone will be able to use this feature. The company plans to roll out this capability in stages. Even so, this is still less than Telegram. Telegram allows up to 2 lakh users to be added at once.




On the WhatsApp platform, some new features will be available soon. Aside from that, the maximum file size for WhatsApp sharing will be increased to 2 GB. The current size is 100MB.