Only One Tender Submitted For Dharavi Redevelopment Project

Mumbai, 1st November 2022: Only one tender has been submitted in the tender process issued for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. Therefore, the tender process period has been extended to 15 days. According to the sources in the Dharavi Slum Rehabilitation Authority, if only one tender is received, the process can be extended twice more and the tender submitted can be finalized.


The Chief Executive Officer of the authority, S. R. Srinivas refused to say anything on the matter. Presently, this deadline has been extended by 15 days. During Diwali, there was a demand that this deadline should be extended further.


The sources also claimed that the rumor that only one tender was received in this redevelopment is being spread deliberately.


The tender process is being conducted for the fourth time for the redevelopment of Dharavi. The developer participated in two initial tender processes. But later he withdrew. The tenders of Adani Group were submitted. Even though the tender of Seklink Group was successful, the government cancelled the process. The reason given was that the railway plot was not taken over.


The deputy Chief minister and Housing Minister Devendra Fadnavis made successful efforts to get possession of the railway plot by caste. So now the problem of the railway plot in this project has also been resolved.