Painting Competition To Be Held For Pariksha Pe Charcha Initiative

Mumbai, 24th January 2023: Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pre-examination program ‘Pariksha Pe Charcha’ will be held on Friday (January 27). It is mandatory to show this program in all schools across the country. Now the education department has decided to hold a painting competition on this occasion and this competition will be held on the plans made by Narendra Modi.

Some topics like International Yoga Day, Modi ji caught the attention of the world, and Women freed from the suffering of stove smoke – Modi’s sensitive decision, have been given for this competition. However, while guaranteeing this, in many schools, the cost has been borne by the headmaster. This year, the sixth edition of the Pariksha Pe Charcha initiative is taking place. On this occasion, a painting competition has been organized for the students of classes IX to XII. Topics based on various schemes of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s tenure have been given for the competition. Similar to the competition organized by the Education Department of the Center for Kendriya Vidyalayas, this competition has also been organized in the state. This competition will be held according to each assembly constituency. In many places, there is no separate provision for the cost of competition even though instructions are given. For this, the principals in many areas have to shell out Rs 400-500 from their pockets. In some places, the authorities have also given instructions to deposit money.

The education department has instructed schools to telecast the program live in all schools in search of teacher contestants. For this, another new challenge has arisen in front of the schools struggling to coordinate everything. At least one thousand students are expected to draw pictures in each assembly constituency. Therefore, the teachers are currently running to find competitive students who will draw on the plans.

This program is to be completely apolitical. Therefore, there should be no name of the BJP, lotus or photo of political leaders on the certificate given to the students. Instructions have also been given in some parts that only the photograph of the Prime Minister should be used.