Palghar: Fatal Morning Crash Claims the Life of Dedicated Rickshaw Driver in Kasa

Kasa, 7th January 2024: In a devastating incident near the Mahalakshmi temple in Kasa, a fatal accident occurred early Saturday morning, resulting in the death of a 42-year-old rickshaw driver, Arvind Wagh, hailing from Talasari.

The incident unfolded as Arvind Wagh was returning to Talasari from Vikramgad, having transported a patient from Vedanta Hospital. The accident transpired when Wagh, encountering a closed truck in front of Mahalakshmi temple, made the responsible decision to bring his rickshaw to a halt. Unfortunately, a truck approaching from behind failed to anticipate the stationary vehicles and collided forcefully with the rickshaw.

The impact of the collision left the rickshaw trapped between the halted truck and the one approaching from behind, resulting in a catastrophic accident. Arvind Wagh, caught amid this collision, tragically lost his life on the spot as the rickshaw bore the brunt of the impact.

Upon receiving information about the accident, local authorities swiftly responded, reaching the scene to initiate investigations. Both truck drivers involved in the incident have been apprehended by the police for further questioning and to determine the circumstances leading to the accident.

The lifeless body of Arvind Wagh has been transported to Sub District Hospital Kasa for a thorough autopsy. The authorities are conducting a detailed investigation into the tragic incident.