Palghar: Three People Died While Immersing Ganesh Idol In Palghar District

Wada, 21st September 2023: The unfortunate incident of three people drowning in the lakes and water stream while immersing Ganesh idol transpired on Wednesday evening. Because of this incident, people from the area are expressing deep grief.

The given incident took place yesterday evening in Palghar district. The people drowning ganesh idols are identified as Jagat Narayan Maurya (age 38), Suraj Nandlal Prajapati (age 25), and Prakash Narayan Thackeray (age 35), and all were the residents of Wada Tehsils of Palghar district.

People are very excited about the Ganeshotsav festival. Yesterday, immersion of one and a half days of Ganpati took place across the state. However, three people who went to the immersion in Palghar district were unfortunately drowned in the water stream. In this people, Jagat Narayan Maurya (age 38) and Suraj Nandlal Prajapati (25) drowned in a Konsai drain, and Prakash Narayan Thackeray (age 35) died after drowning in Gorhe Lake.

As three people have so far died while immersing Ganesh idols, the police and civic administration of the district appealed to the people to take care of themselves while immersing Ganesh idols.