Power cut in Mumbai due to ‘Multiple Tripping”

Mrunal Jadhav

Mumbai, October 12, 2020: ‘Multiple Tripping’ of supply lines has caused a power cut in Mumbai today. The system was “tripped” due to a technical glitch in Tata Power’s line supplying power to ‘BEST’, which resulted in a power outage, officials from BEST’s public relations department said.

The maintenance and repair work of circuit 1 is undergoing due to which all load was on circuit 2 in the 400 kv Kalwa Padgha GIS centre of Mahatransco. However, due to sudden technical failure in Circuit 2, it has hit most parts of Mumbai and Thane. Multiple tripping has caused the power cut from Kalwa to Padgha and this tripping has caused a cut in power supply from Tata Power. As a result, a 380 MW power supply was affected. The power lines coming from Dahanu have also been affected by this.

Restoration of the power supply is underway. At present, the 220 KV line in Uran is being restored, but efforts are being made by the Western Regional Load Dispatch Centre and State Load Regulation Center. It is expected that the power supply will be restored soon.

A total of 800 MW of power supply has been disrupted and Adani’s project at Dahanu is starting to supply 480 MW instead of 380 MW. Therefore, it is expected that some power will be restored soon.

Local service has jammed

Locals have also been affected due to sudden power outage in Mumbai. The Central Railway, along with the Western Railway, is also stuck. The locals have been parked at the same place and passengers are stuck in the local area. Efforts are being made by the railway administration to start the local.


The final year students attending exams are affected by a power outage and online lectures have stopped. At the same time, many schools could not conduct online exams due to power outages.

Hospital equipments are likely to stop

Due to power outages in many parts of Mumbai, oxygen, ventilators or other technical equipment are likely to be turned off and hospital ventilators are being started through generators.

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