Premium Bus Service To Be Initiated From Mumbai Airport To South Mumbai, Thane

Mumbai, 17th January 2023: The management level of the BEST initiative is thinking of starting a premium bus service with the facility of mobile app-based seat reservation on Mumbai Airport to South Mumbai and Thane route. Testing is being done for this route. Currently, the premium bus service running on the Thane – Bandra Kurla Complex route is getting a good response.

Taking into account the congestion of BEST buses during peak hours, the BEST initiative has launched an electric air-conditioned premium bus service with mobile app-based seat reservation between Thane – Bandra Kurla Complex and Bandra Kurla Complex – Bandra station from 12th December. The fare is Rs 205 for Thane-Bandra Kurla Complex and Rs 50 for one way journey from Bandra Station to Bandra Kurla Complex.

Passengers can reserve seats on this bus through the ‘Chalo mobile app’. Information about the route of this bus, the expected time, and how many more bus services will be available on that route is available on the app. Thane – Bandra Kurla Complex premium bus service is available every half hour from 7 am to 8.30 am, while Bandra Kurla Complex – Thane service is available every half hour from 5.30 pm to 7 pm. These services are getting good responses from passengers. 900 passengers are travelling by premium buses daily on both routes.

Passengers were also demanding the introduction of premium bus services on the Mumbai Airport to South Mumbai route. Therefore, the general manager of the initiative, Lokesh Chandra, informed us that they are thinking of running premium buses on this route. Mumbai Airport to Thane route is also being considered. The initiative will soon start bus services on the planned route Thane – Powai – Thane and Kharghar – Bandra Kurla complex. 20 more premium buses will come into service by the end of January. At present ten buses are in the fleet of the BEST initiative.