Western Railway Takes Action Against Those Who Intrude InReserved Compartments

Mumbai, 17th January 2023: Officials of the Western Railway informed that ticket inspectors and Railway Security Force (RPF) conducted a special operation in December 2022 against men entering women’s compartments, ordinary passengers intruding into the reserved compartment of the disabled, and other third parties.

Locals have reserved coaches for women and disabled passengers. General passengers cannot travel in disabled coaches. Still, some passengers try to travel in disabled coaches after seeing the crowd in other coaches. The disabled passengers in this coach also oppose the normal passengers. As a result, bickering ensues. Some male passengers enter the reserved compartment for women unknowingly. The number of hawkers is higher among male passengers. Western Railway undertook a special campaign against such intruders in December 2022. In this campaign, 1,503 passengers who trespassed in the women’s compartment were caught and a total fine of Rs 3,21,500 was imposed on them. Apart from this, 984 passengers who entered the disabled compartment were also arrested. Punitive action has also been taken against them and a total fine of Rs 1,96,100 has been recovered, the officials informed.

Meanwhile, the Western Railway Security Force has also taken action against third parties. Officials of the Western Railway Public Relations Department informed that action was taken in December 2022 after taking into consideration the complaints made by the passengers regarding the entry into the reserved compartment and harassment. Action has been taken against such 348 third parties and a fine of Rs 1,16,200 has been collected from them.