Protest For Panvel Bus Station On 3rd November, Travelers Union Aggressive Against ST Corporation

Mumbai, 31st October 2022: The ST Corporation has forgotten the decision to build Panvel bus station as standard as the airport, and even after six years, not a single brick has been laid for it. Therefore, the Panvel Pravasi Sangh has called for a protest on 3rd November. The Pravasi Sangh has claimed that Shiv Sena, Congress, Nationalist Congress Party, and local leaders of Shekap Party also supported this movement.

The new station project was delayed due to frequent changes in the terms and conditions of planning the construction under ‘build-use-transfer’ along with cost issues. There was further delay due to corona infection and restrictions from March 2020.

Panvel Pravasi Sangh called for agitation on 3rd November against the slow management of ST Corporation and Panvel Municipal Corporation. The protest will be held at Panvel bus station of ST at 10 am, said Panvel Pravasi Sangh President Dr Bhakti Kumar Dave.

The plan for Panvel Bus Station has been prepared and will be submitted to the ST Corporation by the appointed consultant. As soon as it is approved, the consultant and the bus station developer will submit the plan to the Panvel Municipal Corporation and take approval, said Shekhar Channe, Managing Director of ST Corporation.