Pune: A Student From Mumbai Drowned In Bhushi Dam

Pune, 12th July 2022: A 20-year-old student from Mumbai drowned on Monday after falling 25 feet into the Gidad waterfall behind the Bhushi dam in Lonavala around 5.00 PM. The student is identified as Sahil Jagdish Saroj, a resident of Santacruz, Mumbai.

The Pune rural police and rescuers of the Shiv Durg Mitra conducted a search operation as Sahil was carried away by the water from the waterfall.

Inspector of Police Sitaram Dubal, Lonavla police informed that “We concluded our search operation around 7.00 PM and will resume it early Tuesday morning.”

Sahil was along with a 250-member group where all students and teachers from a private computer coaching centre were on an outing to the Bhushi dam.

Inspector Sitaram Dubal informed that the group came to Lonavla in five buses and they stopped near the Bhushi dam. Reportedly, Sahil and one of his friends walked near the Gidad waterfall. “One has to walk through the jungle to reach the top of the waterfall,” inspector added further.

One of the students from the group told the Police that Sahil stumbled into the gushing water while reaching the waterfall. Water falls from the mountain cliff and appears as a waterfall. Reportedly, Sahil was unable to come out of the water.

Dubal said, “He was carried away by the force of water and fell about 25 to 30 feet from the cliff. Apparently, there are large rocks near the waterfall. Sahil fell on the rocks and the water carried him towards the Bhushi dam waters.”

Inspector said, “First, the search operation was conducted at the waterfall area and then the rescuers searched him in the water of Bhushi dam.”

Dubal informed that they have put notice boards regarding the safety and dangers near the waterfall sites, but probably Sahil and his friend ignored the boards. “We have also put up notice boards regarding the precautionary measures near the dam area, restricting the tourists from entering into the dam water,” he added further.