Pune: NCP’s Dr. Amol Kolhe Affirms Candidacy Amidst Uncertainty Over Maha Vikas Aghadi Choices in Shirur Loksabha Constituency

Pune, 1st March 2024: MP Dr Amol Kolhe emphasized on the uncertainty surrounding the front candidates in the upcoming elections and expressed that it remains unclear which party will participate and what symbol they will use. Despite the ambiguity, he asserted that this election is not about individual candidates like himself or others. Dr Kolhe mentioned that there seems to be confusion in finding suitable candidates for the Mahavikas Aghadi, prompting questions about their choices.

However, in addressing his candidacy, Dr. Kolhe made it clear on Friday that he is certain about his participation. Notably, this statement comes in the context of Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar expressing his willingness to field a strong candidate against Dr. Kolhe in the Shirur Lok Sabha elections. Dr. Kolhe’s cautious stance is evident in light of this development.

A meeting was held on Friday at the Nisarga Mangal office in Market Yard, attended by booth-level workers of the Shirur Lok Sabha Constituency from the Nationalist Congress Party, led by Party President Sharad Pawar. Dr. Kolhe was present during this gathering, and discussions revolved around the constituency’s preparation and review. The meeting included office bearers from the Khed-Alandi, Ambegaon-Shirur, and Junnar assembly constituencies within the Shirur Lok Sabha constituency.

Dr. Kolhe commented on the ongoing issue of Mahayuti’s candidate selection in Shirur, expressing certainty that a candidate will eventually emerge in a democratic setup. He pointed out the apparent challenges within Mahayuti, despite having numerous MLAs, 2 Deputy Chief Ministers, and a Chief Minister, in reaching a consensus on a single candidate. In contrast, Dr. Kolhe highlighted the faith shown in him by Sharad Pawar, acknowledging his work in the Lok Sabha over five years under Pawar’s guidance.

Dr Kolhe also shared that despite the Chief Minister and both Deputy Chief Ministers being invited to the ‘Namo Rojgar Melava’ program at Vidya Pratishthan in Baramati, the Chief Minister couldn’t attend due to prior commitments. Dr. Kolhe suggested that had the Chief Minister accepted the invitation, it would have portrayed a leader genuinely interested in fostering civil politics in Maharashtra. Additionally, Dr. Kolhe mentioned that he has not received an invitation for the groundbreaking ceremony related to the Chhatrapati Sambhaji Maharaj Samadhi Development Plan.

Shivajirao Adhalarao Patil is reportedly contemplating a party switch in pursuit of the candidature for the Shirur Constituency. In response to this, Dr. Kolhe emphasized the public’s role in evaluating a candidate’s motives for changing affiliations, whether driven by aspirations for candidacy or positions or the principles of Maharashtra and self-respect. He asserted that the public would ultimately decide how to assess such individuals.

Dr. Kolhe expressed concern for farmers engaged in onion, milk, and soybean production in Maharashtra, noting that despite the challenges faced by these sectors, representatives in the Maharashtra government remain silent. He criticized opponents, stating that the upcoming election will determine whether the Modi government should send individuals who unquestioningly support it, likening them to “nandi bulls,” or individuals who fiercely defend the self-respect of Maharashtra, akin to tigers.