Pune: Wasuli During Covid? Somaiya Alleges Pawar Family’s Unethical Money Moves

Nigdi, 15th January 2024: Kirit Somaiya, a prominent political figure and former MP, has accused Sharad Pawar’s family of engaging in financial malpractices. Somaiya alleges that the Pawar family can teach the world “how to steal money” and claims that a recovery business (Wasuli) was operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Somaiya specifically points to Prataprao Pawar’s (Sharad Pawar’s younger brother) company, ‘New Star Infrastructure Private Limited,’ alleging that it has not conducted any business for twelve years. However, in a sudden turn of events in March 2021, a substantial amount of 435 crores was transferred from the bank account of the ‘Serum Institute’ to this company. The question raised is whether this transfer constitutes a commission from the Serum Institute.

Notably, the contribution of Pratap Pawar’s company to the Serum Institute was reportedly only one lakh, making the sudden 435 crore credit to its account highly suspicious. Somaiya has officially raised this question and has submitted a formal application to the PMRDA in Nigdi.

Speaking to the media in Pimpri-Chinchwad, Kirit Somaiya stated that he is committed to pursuing this matter further. He announced his intention to travel to Delhi to follow up on the allegations and seek clarification on the unusual financial transaction. The gravity of the accusations against Sharad Pawar’s family raises concerns about potential financial improprieties.