Shruti Haasan Slams Reports Cliaming Has Mental Health Issues

Hyderabad, 14th January 2023: Actress Shruti Haasan has refuted a news report that claimed she missed the “Waltair Veerayya” event because of “mental issues.”

However, she disclosed that she missed the occasion because of a viral ailment.

She posted screenshots of media headlines claiming Shruti Haasan has a “mental issues” and is receiving treatment on social media.

She wrote, “Ok so here’s the thing, misinformation like this and the over dramatization or flippant handling of such subjects is what makes people afraid to talk about mental health. Guess what? It doesn’t work.”

She added, “I will always be a mental health advocate I will always promote taking care of myself in all aspects. Oh, and I had a viral fever so nice try get over yourselves and while you are at it please talk to a therapist. No really, please do.”