Sonu Sood Launches Campaign To Help Patients Suffering From Knee Ailments

Mumbai, 16th December 2022: Over the past few years, Bollywood actor Sonu Sood has worked extremely hard to support the underprivileged through his charitable endeavours.
Today (December 16), he announced that his charitable organisation Sood Charity Foundation has started the “Kadam Badaye Ja” campaign to aid knee patients, particularly elderly people.


Sonu Sood said, “After the age of 50, osteoarthritis of the knee joint is frequent. Patients with severe instances need total knee replacement surgery to ease the pain and repair knee joint deformity. Due to the high expense of surgery, not everyone can afford the therapy in time. Such patients are being assisted to return to a new normal by the “Kadam Badaye Ja” project of the Sood Charity Foundation.”


He added, “When I see elderly people who have raised their children to walk but are unable to do it themselves, it hurts me so much. Why people disregard their parents’ health and why doesn’t society do more for the elderly is beyond my comprehension. I want to do what I can with this effort to close the gap. I wouldn’t want any elderly person to go without treatment if I had the power to do so. After all, they are the reason we are here. Why would we disregard them?”


The Sood Charity Foundation will offer free imported implants for patients who need total knee replacement surgery. All operations will be performed in Mumbai.


To sign up, one has to log in to and enter their information. The shortlisted candidates will be contacted by Sonu’s foundation team.