Thane Municipal Corporation Announces 24-Hour Water Shutdown for Maintenance and Repairs

Thane, 18th January 2024: The Thane Municipal Corporation (TMC) has declared a 24-hour water shutdown scheduled for January 19 and 20. The interruption, commencing at 9 am on January 19 and concluding at 9 am on January 20, is slated to impact several areas, including Ghodbunder Road, Vartak Nagar, Lokmanyanagar, Saket, and others.

The primary reason behind this disruption is the undertaking of essential maintenance, repair, and the installation of motor control panels at the Temghar water treatment centre. The civic body has emphasized the urgency of these tasks, leading to the temporary suspension of water supply in the specified regions.

Following the 24-hour shutdown, residents in the affected areas may experience a low-pressure water supply for one to two days. The Thane Municipal Corporation is urging residents to store an ample amount of drinking water in preparation for this period and to cooperate with the authorities during the necessary maintenance work.

This announcement comes in the wake of a similar 24-hour water cut in December for planned maintenance, raising concerns among residents. Locals have expressed their grievances on social media, highlighting the impact of repeated disruptions on their daily lives. Despite assurances from civic bodies, there is a growing sentiment that authorities are not adequately considering the hardships faced by residents due to regular maintenance-related shutdowns.

Thane City has been grappling with water supply challenges, including leakages and inadequate distribution. Despite drawing 485 million litres of water daily from various sources, the faulty distribution system has led to frequent water crises. Residents, in the past, have resorted to expensive tanker water or packaged drinking water during water scarcity.

In anticipation of potential water scarcity, residents are advised to store water and explore options for arranging water tankers if needed. However, it is acknowledged that water tankers can be both costly and, at times, unreliable. This ongoing struggle with water supply issues underscores the urgent need for sustainable solutions and improvements in Thane City’s water distribution system.