Tragic Murder in Thane: Elderly Man Allegedly Stabbed to Death Over Property Dispute

Bhiwandi, 15th January 2024: A 64-year-old man, Dastagir Allabaksh Sheikh, met a gruesome end when he was allegedly stabbed to death by his daughter’s mother-in-law, Shagufta Begum Rafique Beig (52), during a property dispute in Thane city, Maharashtra.

The incident unfolded during the intervening night of Saturday and Sunday at a lodge in Bhiwandi town. Reports suggest that a heated argument over a property dispute escalated, leading to a violent confrontation. In a horrifying act, Shaguftabegum Rafique Beig is accused of slitting the victim’s throat with a knife in a room at the lodge.

The lifeless body of Dastagir Allabaksh Sheikh was discovered by the lodge manager, who promptly reported the incident to the local police. The authorities swiftly arrived at the scene to initiate an investigation into the circumstances surrounding the gruesome murder.

Following preliminary investigations, Shagufta Begum Rafique Beig was apprehended by the police in connection with the murder. Authorities have confirmed that the motive behind this heinous act was a property dispute, shedding light on the tragic consequences that can arise from familial conflicts.

Shagufta Begum Rafique Beig is now under custody, and the legal process is set in motion to bring her to justice. A case has been registered against her under relevant sections of the law about murder.