Worli Police Arrest 35-Year-Old Man For Sexually Assaulting 20-Month-Old Girl


Worli, 23rd January 2023: Worli police arrested a 35-year-old man for sexually assaulting a 20-month-old girl in his neighbourhood. The incident was revealed when the mother examined that her daughter’s pain did not subside even after medication. After that, the Worli police registered a case on the complaint of the mother of the victim girl. The accused lives next door to the victim girl. The victim’s family had taken her to the doctor as she was having trouble passing urine.

Even after taking medication, the girl’s pain did not subside. When the girl’s mother finally examined her, she noticed a wound near her genitals.

The accused had taken the girl home between 20th and 21st January, where he assaulted her. Following the complaint, the police registered a case under the Prevention of Sexual Offenses Act and the Prevention of Child Sexual Offenses Act. As soon as the case was registered, the police arrested the 35-year-old accused on Sunday night.