Young Woman Cheated For Rs 61,000 After Registering An online Demand For Alcohol

Mumbai, 28th June 2021: A young woman from South Mumbai who demanded alcohol online was cheated of Rs 61,000 by cyber thugs. The two young women who had gone to a friend’s house were going to have a party there. For this, the friend of the complainant girl had registered the demand by getting the number of the liquor sales establishment from the website. The person from the other side of the phone had sent the QR code of the bill amount of Rs. 1720 to the girl. She paid the bill accordingly. However, after two hours, the liquor was not delivered to the house, and she contacted the establishment and demanded a refund. The person speaking in front engaged the girl by talking to her and forced her to do three transactions of Rs 19,801. The defrauder took Rs 61,000 from the girl’s account. She lodged a complaint with Malabar Hill police.