Navi Mumbai’s Largest Solar Power System Installed at Kalpataru Riverside Housing Society

Navi Mumbai, 9th July 2024: In a significant development for sustainable energy in Navi Mumbai, the Kalpataru Riverside Housing Society in Panvel has successfully installed what is reportedly the largest solar power system in the area, boasting a capacity of 300 KW. This initiative marks a pioneering move towards sustainable energy practices within Panvel, promising substantial electricity savings for society.

The project, executed by Debt Engineering in a record time of three months at an estimated cost of Rs 1.20 crore, is expected to generate approximately 36,000 units of electricity per month. This translates to an annual saving of about Rs 70 lakh on electricity bills.

Former Leader of the House in Panvel Municipal Corporation and a resident of the society, Paresh Thakur, inaugurated the system last Friday. He emphasized that this initiative will significantly contribute to Panvel’s environmental sustainability goals.

“Our society spends approximately Rs 3.5 lakh on electricity bills annually for common lights and lifts, consuming about 16,000 units per month. To mitigate these costs and promote sustainable practices, we have installed a 300 KW solar system. This system is projected to generate 36,000 units of electricity monthly, resulting in an estimated annual savings of Rs 70 lakh,” said Thakur.

The Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Ltd (MSEDCL) supports rooftop solar power generation, enabling cooperative housing societies to reduce their electricity expenses significantly. The electricity generated from rooftop solar projects is utilized for various purposes such as operating elevators, water pumps, and lighting for stairs and parking areas.

Interested parties, whether societies, companies, or individuals, can apply to MSEDCL for installing rooftop solar power systems. MSEDCL conducts technical feasibility assessments before approving applications. Excess electricity generated can be supplied to MSEDCL through net metering, and any additional electricity needed beyond solar generation can be obtained from MSEDCL. In return, MSEDCL adjusts the society’s electricity bill accordingly.

Bharat Pawar, Chief PRO of MSEDCL, highlighted the support provided by MSEDCL in facilitating rooftop solar power installations, including subsidies of Rs 30,000 for 1 KW, Rs 60,000 for 2 KW, and Rs 78,000 for 3 KW systems.