100-Year-Old ‘Ray Road’ Flyover Will Be Replaced By A Cable-Stayed Flyover

Mumbai, 9th July 2022: The 100-year-old British-era flyover at Ray Road will soon be hammered. The old bridge will be replaced by a cable-stayed flyover. Preliminary work on the bridge has started and the new flyover will be operational in about a year and a half. Officials from the Maharashtra Railway Infrastructure Development Corporation informed about it.


The bridge over the Harbour Road connects the Byculla and Mazgaon areas. The railway station and flyover are named after Lord Ray, the Governor of Mumbai during British rule. The old bridge, built-in 1910, has only two lanes. The bridge connects Mahur Road and Barrister Nath Pai Marg on the East Freeway, which is parallel to P. Dimelo road. The Ray Road station building is a historic building.


The old bridge will be demolished only after the new cable-stayed bridge is built. No additional land will be required for the proposed bridge. So the bridge will be built based on minimum pillars. The ramps of Mahul Road and Barrister Nath Pai Road can be adapted to the new bridge.


The drawing of the new bridge has also received approval from the Mumbai Municipal Corporation (MMC) and Central Railway. The Maharashtra Railway Infrastructure Development Corporation (MRDC) said that work was underway to remove and relocate cables, pipes and other items adjacent to the bridge.


The new bridge reportedly will have some unique features. The bridge will be like a cable-stayed sea bridge. Currently, there are two lanes for vehicles on the bridge. The new bridge will have a total of six lanes, three lanes on each side. The 280-meter-long structure will have a sidewalk on the cotton green side. The construction of the new bridge will cost Rs 145 crore. Apart from this, the new bridge with LED electric lighting will add new beauty to this historic building. There will also be a selfie point on the new bridge to attract people.