148 Crore Approved For Joint Solid Waste Project With Badlapur, Ambernath And Ulhasnagar

Thane, 21st October 2022: A fund of Rs 148 crores 68 lakhs has finally been approved for the joint solid waste management project at Badlapur, which is important to break the garbage problem of Ambernath and Ulhasnagar city. The MMRDA meeting approved the funding along with this project. So now Ambernath and Ulhasnagar Municipalities, which have failed in solid waste management, will get relief. This project will be built on the wasteland of Badlapur city.

In the past few years, the cities of the Mumbai metropolitan area have been suffering from a garbage problem. The efforts of local municipalities in disposing of solid waste in the city are failing. Many municipalities have not looked at this waste seriously. It includes the municipalities of Ulhasnagar and Ambernath. The National Green Arbitrator has ordered the Ulhasnagar Municipal Corporation to pay a fine of Rs three crore and a regular penalty of Rs 10 lakh for not solving the garbage issue on time. The National Green Tribunal has also imposed a fine of 46 lakhs on the Ambernathnagar municipality for ignoring the rules while constructing the garbage dump. The garbage problem of both these cities has become serious. Citizens and neighbouring villages have to suffer because of Ambernath’s garbage dump, and the situation is the same in Ulhasnagar.

To solve the garbage issue of Ambernath, MP Dr Shrikant Shinde proposed the concept of a joint project. Both municipalities had agreed to start this project on 23 acres of the wasteland of Badlapur city. Last year, in February, MMRDA sanctioned this project and sanctioned funds of 7354 crores in the first phase. But the project needed funds of more than 143 crores. Therefore, it was demanded that MMRDA would provide funds for this.

Finally, in the recently held 153rd meeting of MMRDA, Chief Minister Eknath Shinde has approved a fund of Rs 148 crores 68 lakhs for this project. Therefore, the garbage problem of the Ambernath and Ulhasnagar cities will be solved. Badlapur city will also get a new solid waste project.