15 Lakh Electricity Meters Available in Last Five Months

Mumbai, 24th August, 2021:
Due to the Corona Pandemic in the last one and a half year, there was shortage of meter and the pace of release of new connections was also slow. Mahavitaran took immediate decisions and has successfully overcome this situation. In the last five months, 15 lakh 76 thousand new single and three phase meters have been made available by the Head office to the regional offices. Also, 5 lakh 18 thousand new HT(high tension) and LT (low tension) connections have been released.
Last year, after the first wave of corona during the lockdown in March 2020, there was a decline in the availability of electricity meters due to various reasons. As a result, the pace of providing new connections was somewhat slow. In a review meeting, the Hon. Energy Minister Dr. Nitin Raut had instructed Mahavitaran to expedite the release of new connections by overcoming the shortage of meters. The Chairman and Managing Director of Mahavitaran Shri. Vijay Singhal immediately decided to start the tendering process to ensure that electricity meters are available to the field offices abundantly and regularly throughout the year. Accordingly, the work order has been issued to the suppliers since last March for the supplying 18 lakh single phase and 1 lakh 70 thousand three phase meters.
Therefore, the shortfall of meters due to the Corona pandemic has now come to an end since the last five months. The speed of releasing LT and HT new connections has also increased.  Since last March, Mahavitaran is receiving new meters from the suppliers. Till date, 15 Lakh 66 Thousand single phase and one Lakh 10 Thousand three phase meters have been provided to the regional office by the head office. This includes (Number of Three Phase Meter in Bracket) Pune Regional Office- 4 Lakh 62 Thousand Single Phase(39,103), Konkan Regional Office- 5 Lakh 45 Thousand Single Phase(37,787), Nagpur Regional Office- 2 Lakh 95 Thousand Single Phase(22,860), Aurangabad Regional Office- 1 Lakh 64 Thousand Single Phase(10,250) meters have already been given to them. The Director (Operations), Mahavitaran, Shri. Sanjay Taksande has taken special efforts to provide meters to the regional offices as per their requirement.
After the availability of the meters, the speed of releasing new connections has also increased. Generally, Mahavitaran releases 8-9 lakh new meters in a year. However, under the guidance of the Hon. Chairman and Managing Director, Shri. Vijay Singhal, Mahavitaran has released 435 HT connections and 5 Lakh 18 Thousand, 142 LT connections during March-July 2021. In the LT and HT category, the highest connections are being given in the Residential category- 3 lakh 89 thousand 47, Commercial – 59 thousand 969, Industrial – 10 thousand 963, Agriculture – 50 thousand 178, Water Works and Street lights – 742 and 7243 in others category. Also, the faulty meters are being replaced immediately as soon as a complaint is received from consumers.