17-Year-Old Girl Organises, ‘Adaptations’ – Pune’s first PHYGITAL art exhibition with NFT

Manisha Swain

Pune, 9th May 2022: A 17-year-old homeschooled girl, Risha Mridha from Pune is organising the first unique Phygital exhibition in Pune on 14th May at 6 PM. The venue is MonaLisa Kalagram, Koregaon Park.


The exhibition is themed “Adaptations,” both in terms of the storyline the artworks tell and in terms of adapting traditional art exhibitions to new technology.

Risha says, “We reveal the stories of ourselves and our pasts in this exhibition, not limited to our immediate upbringing but generations before us, showing the struggle, life, and culture of souls before us.”

The pieces in ” ADAPTATION” show how the past continues to echo through time, influencing the present and future. They want to unearth these stories, and they believe that being true to the past is the best way to move forward. They want to know more about us. The exhibition features work by like-minded contemporary artists from several disciplines. Changed circumstances necessitated a reinterpretation.


Regarding the unique format of the exhibition, Risha says, ” This exhibition will display a diverse set of 14 artists from 8 different cities including 1 from Mexico. I have been looking at displaying the beauties of different cultures and heritage which we reinterpret due to the emerging new circumstances. Each artwork will have its provenance details on the NFT platform launched by Jumbish. The BETA version of the Jumbish NFT platform was launched along with this exhibition. Exhibiting a new journey of art & technology from the cultural city of Maharashtra, Pune.”

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token, and it’s a new technology solution that’s causing a stir in the art world. Authentication, ownership, provenance, and inventory management are all done with NFT. Galleries, curators, and artists will find it quite valuable. It also allows the artists to receive royalties.

The exhibition is being supported by Jumbish Creations Pvt Ltd, an Art-tech company