24 Temples and 950 Mosques Got Permission for Loudspeakers In Mumbai, Data Released by Mumbai Police

Mumbai, 5th May 2022: Religious leaders from different communities met senior officials of Mumbai Police on Wednesday to discuss the issue of loudspeakers. During this, the police said that out of 2400 temples in the city, so far only 24 temples had sought permission to use loudspeakers on the temple premises. While 950 of the total 1,140 mosques have been approved by the authorities.

A police official said that according to the data available with the Mumbai Police, only one per cent of temples in the metropolis have taken permission to use loudspeakers on their premises.

According to the police official, the data regarding the use of loudspeakers by other religious places like churches, gurudwaras, Buddhist monasteries and places of worship of Jews is still being collected by the police and the management of these places of worship has to take permission to install loudspeakers.