Actor Annu Kapoor Cheated Under Pretext Of Updating KYC

Mumbai, 1st October 2022: Famous actor Annu Kapoor was cheated online as Rs 4.36 lakhs were withdrawn from his bank account. However, due to prompt investigation, Oshiwara Police Station has succeeded in recovering Rs. 3 lakhs 8 thousand so far.




Officials of the Oshiwara Police Station said that Annu Kapoor received a call on Wednesday. They said that he will need to update his KYC. After that, Annu Kapoor was asked to provide the bank information and share the one-time password, i.e. OTP. Accordingly, Kapoor shared the OTP.




Meanwhile, the caller withdrew Rs. 4 lakhs 36 thousand from Annu Kapoor’s account after some time and Annu Kapoor received a call from the official bank informing him that the money had been deducted. Kapoor filed a police complaint after getting informed by the official bank.




The police immediately took action, freezing the accounts of both the banks, and managed to recover Rs.3 lakhs 8 thousand. Now the police are conducting further investigation.