Actress Rakhi Sawant Arrested By Amboli Police

Mumbai, 19th January 2023: Actress Rakhi Sawant has been arrested by Amboli police in Mumbai. Rakhi Sawant has been accused of sharing a video and photos of a model. In this case, the police took cognizance of the complaint and took action. The photo of this woman was made viral by Sawant. In this regard, the concerned model filed a complaint with the police.

Actress Charlene Chopra has given information about this on Twitter. Amboli Police has arrested Rakhi Sawant in FIR No. 833/2022. Yesterday, Rakhi Sawant applied for pre-arrest bail in the Mumbai Sessions Court. However, that application was rejected by the court, said Sherleen Chopra in a tweet.

Meanwhile, Rakhi Sawant will be produced in court shortly, and after that, she will be sent to police custody or judicial custody.

Rakhi Sawant was also scheduled to inaugurate a dance academy this afternoon in partnership with her husband, Adil Khan Durrani. It was said that it will be inaugurated around 3 pm. However, now due to the arrest of Rakhi Sawant, this inauguration is likely to be delayed.

Meanwhile, it is said that Sharleen Chopra has filed a complaint against Rakhi. It is also being said that a complaint has been filed against Rakhi as she showed an offensive video of Charlene Chopra in a press conference and made a statement in offensive language.