Agnipath’: Stone pelting by policemen led to clash with protesters in Bharatpur, allege youth

Bharatpur (Rajasthan), 19th June 2022: When the additional police force reached the youths, they started hitting them with sticks and apprehending them. After this, the protesters started running from there. Then a policeman started pelting stones.

The process of protests in the country regarding the Agnipath scheme of the Central Government is not stopping. On the other hand, in the case of a clash with the police in Bharatpur, now CCTV is being scanned and the youth is being identified and arrested.

On June 17, there was a lot of stone-pelting between the two face-to-face in a mutual conflict between the police and the youth at Bharatpur railway station. A policeman was seriously injured in this. After the video surfaced, many questions were raised by the police. Earlier, the protesting youth had alleged that they were protesting peacefully, but the police started pelting stones at them. Now its video has surfaced.

It is seen in the video that the youths, who are protesting sitting on the railway track, started running when the police team arrived. After this the stone was thrown by the police, then stone pelting started from the other side as well. Earlier, a video of a police officer talking to the protesters has also surfaced, in which he is seen saying that no railway will damage the property.

According to the information, on June 17, there was stone pelting between the police and the youth in protest against the Agneepath scheme. Now it is seen in the video that at the behest of the police, the youths started removing the iron angles that they had put on the railway line. Despite this, when the additional police force reached the youth, they started pelting sticks at them and apprehending them. After this, the protesters started running away.

Then a policeman posted in civil dress started pelting stones there. After this, another policeman also threw stones. Then the youths protesting in response started pelting stones heavily at the police.

Regarding the matter, City CO Satish Verma said that hundreds of protesters were sitting and shouting slogans after occupying the railway line. When they were asked to leave the railway track, the protesters started pelting stones at the police. Some policemen have been injured in this. The first stone pelting on the part of the police is wrong.