Bird Hit Led To Fire In SpiceJet Flight From Patna To Delhi

Patna, 19th June 2022: A sudden fire broke out in a SpiceJet aircraft flying from the airport to Delhi in Bihar’s capital Patna. There was a stir as soon as the fire was detected. The plane made an emergency landing immediately and all the passengers were evacuated safely, after which the fire of the aircraft was extinguished.




One or two videos of the incident have also surfaced, in which the horrific scene of the plane catching fire in the sky and making an emergency landing is seen. The video has been made by common people from the roofs of their houses and streets.


Significantly, on Sunday, the engine of a SpiceJet aircraft flying from Patna to Delhi caught fire after takeoff. As soon as the fire was detected, the plane was made to land safely at Patna airport as soon as possible. The fire was extinguished after landing 185 passengers on board the plane.




‘Bird hit’ is being told as the reason


It is being said that the plane caught fire immediately after take-off due to a collision with a bird at a low altitude. Three blades of the engine on the left were broken. SpiceJet has issued an official statement regarding the incident and has cited ‘bird hit’ as the reason. A high-level investigation into the accident is underway by the airport administration.