Baby Dies Of Measles In Mumbai

Mumbai, 22nd January 2023: After the death of a nine-month-old boy living in Antop Hill area of ​​Shiv, another baby died of measles in Mumbai. A six-month-old girl died of suspected measles on Friday, the Mumbai Municipal Corporation informed. The municipal health department informed that it will be clear whether the child’s death was due to measles only after the report of the death confirmation committee. Therefore, the number of patients who have died due to measles has reached 23. Three of these deaths are outside Mumbai.

A six-month-old girl started suffering from fever, cough and cold on January 9. On January 11, a rash appeared on the baby’s body. The parents admitted the baby to the Municipal Hospital on January 12 as she started having difficulty in breathing. The baby was treated in the intensive care unit of the Municipal Hospital. 19 suspected patients have been found and the number of suspected patients has increased to 5,669. Out of 65 patients undergoing treatment in various hospitals of the Municipal Corporation, 56 patients are in stable condition. Five patients have been put on ventilators. Four patients are undergoing treatment in the intensive care unit.