Eight-Year-Old Dies After Plaster Piece Falls On Her

Mumbai, 23rd January 2023: An eight-year-old girl died after the plaster of a building fell on her in the Chandanwadi area on Sunday night. A 24-storied building is under construction; a plaster part of it fell on the girl. She died during treatment.

Shripati Apartments, a 24-storey building, is under construction on Srikant Palekar Marg. A part of the plaster of this building suddenly fell from a height at eight o’clock on Sunday night. At this time, this plaster fell on the body of an eight-year-old girl passing by the road. She was seriously injured. The girl was immediately admitted to the nearby Harkisandas Hospital. The doctor declared the girl dead at half past midnight during the treatment. Firefighters removed the radar from the spot. Also, the area of the building has been restricted for security reasons.