BMC Partners with Organizations to Conduct Comprehensive Survey of Stray Dogs and Domestic Animals in Mumbai

Mumbai, 17th January 2024: The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) has initiated a survey campaign in collaboration with Humane Society International, Youth Organization in Defence of Animals, and Zimax Tech Solutions. The comprehensive survey, launched on January 16, 2024, aims to assess the current numbers, evaluate the impact of animal birth control, and plan targeted interventions based on the findings.

General Manager (Deonar abattoir) Dr Kalim Pasha Pathan highlighted the collaborative nature of the survey, with participation from Humane Society International, responsible for surveying stray dogs, and Youth Organization in Defense of Animals and Zimax Tech Solutions focusing on pet surveys. This partnership is reminiscent of a similar survey conducted in 2014, and the data obtained will be instrumental in planning effective animal birth control programs.

The survey will provide insights into the current number of stray dogs and pets in Mumbai, allowing for a comparative analysis with the 2014 data. By identifying areas with increased stray dog populations, the BMC, along with animal welfare organizations, aims to implement targeted measures. The survey will also unveil the kinds of pets kept by residents, shedding light on the registration and health status of pets in Mumbai.

Based on the survey results, the BMC plans to strategize animal birth control programs in areas witnessing a surge in stray dog populations. The collaboration with animal welfare organizations underscores the importance of humane and effective measures to manage the stray animal population.

The survey not only aims to provide a current status of stray dogs and pets in Mumbai but also serves as a tool to gauge public awareness regarding pet registration and health. The data gathered will inform the BMC about the existing scenario and enable the formulation of necessary steps to enhance the well-being of stray dogs and domestic animals.