Cases Of Delta Plus Variant Increase In The Country, Now A Review Meeting To Be Held Every Week; Know How Many Cases Have Been Registered In Each State.

Mumbai, 25 June 2021: Delta Plus variant cases are on a rise in the country. According to ANI, a total of 40 cases of the new variant have been recorded so far. In view of this, now the Indian SARS-CoV-2 Genomic Consortia (INSACOG) will now hold a review meeting every week. Matters of the rising cases and preventive measures will be discussed in the meeting. Many states are taking preventive measures for the Delta Plus variant of Coronavirus. Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) stated that Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed the team constituted for the management of Covid-19 for patients infected with the new variant of Corona Virus. Uttar Pradesh will also take special precautions.

According to Dainik Jagran’s affiliated newspaper Nai Duniya, there is also news of one death because of the new variant in Madhya Pradesh. As per the state health department, five cases have been confirmed so far. State’s Additional Chief Secretary of Health, Mohammad Suleman stated that the vaccine given to people in the state is also effective on the Delta Plus variant. The Health Department has also said that the five people affected by the variant were given the vaccine. However, the possibility of admitting them to the hospital has been ruled out. According to the news agency, Madhya Pradesh is the fifth state where NCDC has provided the facility of genome sequencing of the virus. Thes cases coming to the fore in Madhya Pradesh are Ujjain, Raisen, Ashok Nagar and Bhopal districts.

Madhya Pradesh is included in the three states of the country where the changes in the delta variant during the second wave of the corona epidemic and the delta plus variant have been confirmed. Apart from this, cases of this variant have also been reported in Kerala, Jammu and Kashmir and Maharashtra.

According to the news agency PTI, a nurse in Chennai in Tamil Nad has been found infected with the delta variant. Giving information about this, State Health Secretary Radhakrishnan has said that a 32-year-old woman works as a nurse in a hospital. About 1159 samples were sent by the state for genome sequencing, out of which 772 have been tested. In these, a case of the Delta Plus variant has come to the fore.

According to the news of ANI, the ICMR has said that it is too early to assign the reason to the Delta Plus variant amid the fears of the third wave of the epidemic. According to ICMR, there is no need to worry about this at the moment. Dr Sumit Agarwal, Scientist of ICMR and Program Officer of the Department of Epidemiology and Communicable Diseases, said that it is a common tendency to change the mRNA virus. It cannot be controlled. With the passage of time, its trend can also be traced. He added that more changes can come to this virus in the coming time. The three characteristics of the delta variant are its rapid infection, high affinity, and the inability of monoclonal antibody therapy to be effective against it.

The news agency had reported previously, quoting the Ministry of Health, that the Centre is monitoring this and has also given guidelines to the states regarding this. The states have also been asked by the government to take all necessary steps to control it. The World Health Organization has included the delta variant in the list of variants of concern. According to the news agency Reuters, apart from India, cases of Delta Plus variants have also been reported in America, Britain, Portugal, Switzerland, Japan, Polan, Russia and China. However, in some media reports, it has also been reported that its cases have come to the fore in about 11 countries.

Significantly, the delta variant was a modified version of SARS-Cov-2, which was seen to have the most impact in India during the second wave of the epidemic. During this time, the change that came to the fore in this variant has been known as Delta Plus AY.1. According to PTI news, the country’s well-known virologist Shahid Jamal says that the Delta Plus variant not only shows symptoms of the delta variant but also shows symptoms of the beta variant (K417N) found in South Africa.