Chhath Puja has started today with Nahay-Khay

Sushant Ranjan

Mumbai, 18 Nov 2020 : The Mahaparava Chhath (Chhath Puja) has started today (November 18) with Nahay-Khay. Chhath Puja is a major festival of the residents of Bihar, Jharkhand and Uttar Pradesh. The festival celebrated for the wishes of children, happiness, prosperity and longevity. Chhathvarthi offers prayers to the sun set and rising on the ghats of the river and the pond.

Chhath Puja mahaparava is celebrated every year on the Shashti Tithi of the Kartil Shukla Paksha month. This festival of sun worship is also considered to be the most example of nature love and nature worship, but this time due to the outbreak of Corona epidemic, many public programs are banned. Despite this, the passion and faith of the people does not seem to be decreasing.

Fasting begins with Kharna on the second day after Nahay Khay. On the evening of Kharna, vratis made ‘roti and kheer’. On the third day, arghya to the sunset and then on the fourth day the festival ends with offering arghya to the rising sun. This time Kharna is to be done on November 19, after which Arghya will be given to the sunset on November 20 and Arghya to the rising Sun on November 21.


November 18, 2020, Wednesday – Nahai-Khay
November 19, 2020, Thursday- Kharna)
November 20, 2020, Friday- Argh to the sunset
November 2 1, 2020, Saturday – Argh to the rising sun