Commissioner’s Overnight Visit To Make Vehicle-Free Roads And Pothole-Free City Initiative Successful

Kalyan, 19th October 2022: To lighten the load of criticism on the administration, which is constantly being criticized due to roads crowded with hawkers, garbage, and potholes in Kalyan, Dombivli railway station area, Commissioner Dr Bhausaheb Dangde has started visiting various parts of the city after the end of office hours at 9 pm. Due to this, the officials and hawker removal workers in Sushega have lost sleep.




Dangde, with Deputy Commissioner Atul Patil and Secretary Sanjay Jadhav, is checking whether the asphalting works of roads in Kalyan, Dombivli are going on or not and if garbage is collected during night hours. A surprise inspection tour was set to see if the hawkers had moved their stalls from the railway station and various areas. As soon as this noise started, the assistant commissioner of the ward was stationed in the ward at night. Care was taken to ensure that no hawker sat in the ward.




As soon as garbage is seen in the Sahajanand Chowk area of Kalyan West, the commissioner takes the concerned ward assistant commissioner to the task so that no more garbage is seen. Tambi said that suspension action will be taken without laxity in this work. The commissioner has ordered the assistant commissioner that no hawker should sit in the 150-meter stretch of the Kalyan Dombivli railway station area, the handcart should be broken on the spot. The issues of garbage and hawkers in the ward have now been kept under the supervision of the Assistant Commissioner. Till now, the Assistant Commissioner was shirking his responsibility by saying that the team leader was responsible for removing the hawkers. These officers are under tension since this responsibility has now been transferred to Assistant Commissioners.




Commissioner Dangde came to the Dombivli East Railway Station area at 11:30 pm on Tuesday after completing the visit to Kalyan. There was no hawker in Phadke Road, Bajiprabhu Chowk, Nehru Road area known as hawkers’ agar. F Ward Assistant Commissioner Dinesh Waghchaure, Milind Gaikwad and other workers are working in three shifts to ensure that not a single hawker sits in the ward. 15 hawkers were sitting comfortably doing business near the Ramnagar railway ticket window in C Ward. He asked Assistant Commissioner F Ward Waghchoure why these hawkers sat there. The Assistant Commissioner should take action against the hawkers without raising the boundary dispute even though they say that this ward is not theirs.




Every year, permission is given by the municipality to hawkers and sellers to do business during the Diwali festival. No such permission will be given by the commissioner at this time. The assistant commissioner has replied saying that the roads in the railway station area should be open for the citizens to walk. As most hawkers are doing business by taking interest from the political parties, this action has caused the most dilemma for the political parties. The aggressive stance of the commissioner has scared the employees.